About Us

Lauren Kuckelman
Lead Vocals
Chris Finch
Lead Guitars-Back vocals
Dave Klen​​
Lead vocals
Jason Dennik
Drums-Back Vocals
          Tim Kuckelman
  Rhythm guitar-Back vocals
Chris Manders
Bass-Back Vocals

Romeo's Charm Bio

Romeo's Charm is a Rock and Pop cover band. We play a range of music, from party favorites that everyone knows to the biggest newer hits – always popular, fun & full of energy – music that you can sing along and dance to.

Lauren (lead singer) brought her love of punk pop along when she moved to the Milwaukee area. Her background includes playing for many years throughout California in a Green Day cover band called “She’s a Rebel”. Lauren’s diverse talents shine on everything she does in the band, and her genuine delivery allows us to connect to the audience.

Dave (lead singer) has been on the local scene since the 80’s. He thrives on the crowd interaction! With roots in classic rock, Dave transforms the energy to the present day. His vocal talents flourished in regional groups, playing everything from anthem rock to shameless hair bands awesomeness. His chemistry with co-singer Lauren makes for a rockin’ show!

Jay (drums) and Chris (bass), fresh off from playing in local blues and classic rock bands, were looking to create a new spin on timeless songs – a band that would appeal to a large audience. Together they bring a thundering soul infused funk rock style to the band, as they work to hold down the groove as a tight rhythm section.

Chris (lead guitar), the lead guitarist in a popular local rock cover band called “Noise Pollution” returned to the scene after a short hiatus, recharged and with the itch to rock the stages of Wisconsin again. With the great fortune of having Jay and Chris serving up meaty rhythm, Chris is able to slather on top a hot lead approach to the music, and at the same time engage the fans in gratuitous merrymaking!

Lady Luck smiled on everyone and Romeo's Charm was founded! Playing all the fun / popular music from the biggest rock and pop bands, we’re seasoned professionals that put on a quality show. Romeo’s Charm knows how to energize a crowd! We can’t wait to see you in person and Rock your world!